Important News

(last update: February, 2016)

   In 2015-2016 we are busy working on a better and faster GeoVITe! As a side-effect, some products will temporarily be unavailable for download (we are gradually restructuring the current GeoVITe infrastructure and processes in order to accomodate the transition to the Geodata4SwissEDU project). These nuisances are temporary and will help us build an improved service for the entire public education and research institutions in Switzerland. We will give our best to provide the visualization of the available products without interruption, in order that you can always easily identify the geodata suitable for your research and teaching purposes.

  Good news: our platform will expand to national level (to all Swiss educational institutes). In the frame of a cooperation project named Geodata4SwissEDU between the IKG, the ETH Library and the Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil, GeoVITe receives funding from the Rectors' Conference of the Swiss Universities. Over the next two years we will expand the GeoVITe's quality, number of supported users, geodata actualization rate and maintenance speed.

The old GeoVITe portal and its corresponding services are now being gradually shut down. Please use the new Geodata4SwissEDU Service.

The GeoVITe & Geodata4SwissEDU Projects

   The project "Geodata Visualization and Interactive Training Environment" (GeoVITe) offers an easy-to-use online access to the most important Swisstopo geodatasets for research and educational purposes at ETH Zurich. This service is provided by the Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation in cooperation with the ETH Library and is currently available for ETH Zurich and Lib4RI affiliated institutions for Beta testing. The Geodata4SwissEDU project (2015-2016), funded by the Rectors' Conference of the Swiss Universities, allows GeoVITe to gradually expand the geodata distribution services to all interested public education and research institutions in Switzerland.
   Members of ETH Zurich may contact the ETH Library if they need additional help.

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   Any liability arising from the use of this service is hereby explicitly disclaimed. The aquired geodatasets may only be used for research and educational purposes. Restrictions concerning online publications and publications in print apply. The license conditions for each product may differ. Please read carefully the Terms of Use (also available in German) for more information. If you are further distributing geodatasets to students, it will be your responsibility that the students abide by the Terms of Use.    

We would like to hear from you! Feel free to send us your comments and report any bugs or problems to: geodata [at] If you would like to contribute in shaping the next version of GeoVITe, please get in touch with us at the same email address.